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St. Mary’s Cathedral

2 Cathedral Pl Inch

St.Mary’s Cathedral is an incredible site for any visitor, with a backdrop of mountains and lakes, visitors are welcomed to attend mass or explore the church leisurely. This church was formed in the mind of the famous English architect Agustus Welby Pugin who worked on the iconic Palace of Westminster. Funds were so low at the time, having only raised £800 pounds funding appeals across Ireland and the US were made. Foundations were laid in 1842 but construction then ceased for five years in 1848 due to the Great Famine. Reconstruction took place from 1972 until 1973 incurring a cost of £278,500. The approach by the two architects was nothing short of 
radical, which resulted in none of the former interior remaining, apart from a few small areas. 

Mass Times: 

  • Saturday: 6.15pm  
  • Sunday: 8.00am, 10.30am & 12 noon  
  • Weekdays: 10.30am & 6.15pm  
  • Mass of Memorial: Monday 6.15pm  
  • Months Mind Remembrance Mass: Friday 6.15pm