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Killegy Woods Loop

Muckross Lodge Muckross Rd Killegy Lower

For this 5km loop of Killegy Woods, we are going to start near the entrance to the Blue Pool  walking trail. You can continue along the road a bit farther to reach the entrance to Killegy Woods but the Blue Pool parking area is a good place to park your car if you are driving. Starting here also rounds the loop up to approximately 5km. From the parking area, continue along the Mangerton Road for another couple of hundred metres until the road takes a sharp left. At this bend in the road, you will see a minor road heading into the trees on the right hand side. There is a sign saying ‘pedestrian access only’. This is the entry point into the woods.

There are several places to start and finish the trails around Killegy Woods. The woods link the uplands of Torc with the foothills of Mangerton so you can venture into the trails at many different access points. These are usually marked with a single forestry style gate. Near the start of the path, the trail forks in two. Stay on the left to continue on the Killegy Woods trail. Once the trail levels out, you will see that the path continues straight ahead through a locked gate to a private residence. Turn left before this and follow the trail through the flat tracks that you will share with some local pony trekking operators. Before long you will need to veer left off the main trail to follow the path that is marked with a sign for pony treks and it is a significant left turn so you should spot it if you keep vigilant. From here the trail begins the steady slow descent as you return into the depths of the woods. There is a wonderful sense of isolation and tranquility in this section as you are surrounded by trees on all sides for another couple of kilometers. Slowly but surely, the trees part to reveal an exit to the main Mangerton Road, a little further on from where we joined it at the starting point. At the road, turn left and follow the road as it gently snakes down to where you entered the woods initially. From here it is a few hundred metres back to where you set off from the Blue Pool.

  • Distance: 5km
  • Accessibility: Bike, Foot.
  • Difficulty: Steady inclines and declines.

Leave only your footprints behind!